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HMC Group colloection services
HMC Group - collection, account liquidation & account recovery in Westlake, Ohio.

THE HMC GROUP is a leader in the accounts receivable industry offering bad debt collections, early-out customer service programs and Pre-Access Resources Service.

Our Early-Out/Customer Service Satellite Business Office offers:

  • Pay online options
  • Credit policy online
  • Online Financial applications
  • Online Patient Statement Portal
  • Medicaid and Insurance scrubbing
  • Scoring for Propensity to pay
  • First response for your patients by maintaining a presence in your IT system
  • Taking over/ reimbursing your facility the costs associated with FTE’s at your facility to maintain a presence onsite
  • Taking over costs of statements, postage, and itemized statements
  • Online access into HMC system to view your accounts/activity, instant message our staff, cancel/hold accounts, and run your own customized management reports
  • Dedicated teams and phone lines for your accounts
  • Giving clients live access to view inbound and out bound calls
  • Weekly Audit/Reconciliation done on accounts
  • Hours of operation are 8:30am-7pm daily for your patients
  • Itemized statement request fulfilled by HMC staff
  • Returned mailed worked weekly by HMC staff
  • Weekly address & phone # updates sent to HOSPITAL
  • Phone system Automated call distribution
  • 100% Calls recorded
  • Patient calls can be e-mailed to HOSPITAL
  • Local and (800) numbers given to patient
  • Pre answer options for patients (i.e. make a payment, request itemized bill)
  • Predictive dialer capability of up to 1,000 outbound calls per hour

Our bad debt collections department offers:

  • 1st placement liquidation of accounts
  • 2nd placement liquidation of accounts
  • 3rd party pre-collect letters
  • Scoring for Propensity to pay
  • Skip-tracing and internal scoring
  • Highly successful legal team for garnishments and liens
  • Checks and credit card payments over the phone
  • Online bill pay
  • Experienced collections staff and management
  • Scrubbing for Medicaid
  • Scrubbing for Mobile for numbers
  • Partner online access to accounts, notes, messaging HMC staff, and running your own customized reports right from the comfort of your office

Pre-Access Resources Service (Par) offers:

  • Sending colorful reminder statements to your patients with information related to their scheduled appointment date, time, location, directions, traffic reports, and any additional preparation instructions needed for the procedure (for example, no eating or drinking prior to the test)
  • HMC’s PAR staff will now handle all inbound calls to answer your patient questions. PAR number will be a local number from your area hospital and a toll free number.
  • Reimburse your facility for the costs of FTEs to maintain a presence onsite.
  • Making outbound phone calls to your patients reminding them of their upcoming appointments (reducing no-show rates and costly cancellations)
  • Verifying insurance coverage and ensuring pre-certification requirements are inplace for the scheduled procedure (reducing denials for lack of authorization)
  • Collecting applicable co-payments, co-insurance, deductible amounts up-front (before the patient even presents for service), therefore, increasing cash flow and decreasing bad debt for the organization
  • Assisting patients with financial screening to include hospital financial assistance and hospital credit card or prompt pay discounting programs when paid before the time of service(increasing cash flow and reducing bad debt write-offs for the organization)
  • Improving patient satisfaction by eliminating billing concerns after the procedure
  • Reach out to insurance companies via phone if need be to verify and inquire if pre-certification is needed
  • Addressing and resolving all other outstanding balances for that guarantor to reduce aging receivables (optional)

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